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We focus on developing a unique understanding of how rapidly evolving trends in today’s globalising world impact business, the future of organisations and the future of work.

 Our clients are realising that in order to stay at the cutting edge they may need to transform the shape of their business, how work is done and by whom. They need to make explicit connections between trends and shifts in the external environment and their business strategy as well as its execution. In our experience even the most successful organisations find it challenging to make those connections.

Organisation development

Our approach is firmly grounded in principles of organisation development and draws on years of practitioner experience both in-house and with clients. We believe that transformational change in organisations requires a partnering approach. We seek to enable our clients to draw on tacit knowledge and tap into organisational wisdom to create sustainable new behaviours and practices.

Board effectiveness and culture

Our approach to working with boards to evaluate and improve their effectiveness is based on our behavioural science and assessment expertise coupled with our knowledge of and experience in effective governance. We have evaluated board effectiveness and assessed corporate culture independently, and as part of regulatory Skilled Person reviews.

Leadership development

Our team has extensive experience of developing leaders at all levels across a range of organisations and cultures. From emerging leaders through to the C-suite our interventions take into account the rapidly evolving contexts and trends leaders have to respond to. 

People strategy

The trends shaping our world at this moment in time are also shaping the future of organisations and the future of work. Businesses will have to transform themselves to respond to technological breakthroughs, shifting demographics as well as a different scale of complexity. Creating forward thinking people strategies that include actively managing and developing talent for now and for the future is a challenge that our clients are increasingly bringing to us.

Talent identification and development

Our experience in the area of talent spans the whole talent management cycle, from development of performance management frameworks (including competency frameworks), talent identification frameworks and talent councils to managing, developing and accelerating talent.

Assessment services

Many of our team members have an Occupational Psychology background and deep expertise in senior assessments whether for selection or development purposes. We are qualified and experienced in using a range of psychometric and other assessment tools to support our practice in this area. We design and deliver tailored solutions for our clients that are based in robust assessment practices and integrated into talent management and succession planning initiatives.

Professional coaching

In a world with rapidly evolving trends and the ensuing impact of these on organisational life, leaders are increasingly seeking their own competitive edge to deal with business and leadership challenges they face.

Our approach is based on working in a psychologically and systemically informed way and using our international business experience to help individuals navigate the complexities of organisational life, to clarify and achieve their aspirations as well as positive organisational outcomes. Our coaching practices are grounded in principles of organisation development and span the full spectrum of coaching interventions. All our work is bespoke.

Professional executive coaching

Purposefully partnering with our clients we build trust based relationships which enable them to achieve their personal and organisational goals with increased competence and effectiveness. We support the development and advancement of individuals through one to one work, either as part of structured experiences or stand alone interventions.

Supervision for coaching and Organisation development

Core to our practices is the notion that supervision and the development of reflective practitioners are essential to effective executive coaching and organisation development work. We provide one to one or group supervision to both executive coaches and OD practitioners.

Coaching culture

Bringing our practical in-house experience of building coaching cultures, we enable leaders to identify the business drivers for creating a coaching culture, build a sustainable strategy for doing this and help them bring that strategy to life through effective execution.

Internal coaching practices

Drawing on our extensive experience of creating internal coaching teams, we provide advisory services to internal OD or L&D teams who are looking to establish an in-house coaching team. Our services range from identification and selection of coaches and supporting their ongoing development through to the set up of infrastructures for running and evaluating a coaching service.

Group / Team coaching

Our approach to coaching groups of individuals whether a formal team or not is based on a systemic approach with emphasis on the context and place in the organisation or system the group or team is part of. As with professional executive coaching, this service can be provided as part of other structured interventions such as leadership development programmes or as a stand alone


Informed by the latest neuroscience and other relevant research we take a practical approach to help organisations and their people  understand and make sense of sources of stress and create their own personalised plans for enhancing their resilience.   

I met Maria in my first HR global meeting when she worked in PwC and it was clear from the start that her experience and knowledge would contribute to our local HR strategic agenda. Later on we continued to work through her company … where once again she supported and implemented with us a number of Developmental and Coaching programs. Maria is very professional, fun to work with and someone that can add value and make a difference.
Yiolanda Kourasmenaki, PwC HR Director

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